A New Home For Rover

A New Home for Rover

a Canine Compassion Fund Project


The Canine Compassion Fund’s (CCF) A New Home for Rover program is unlike any other rehoming website or program due to its unique design that not only connects owners with fully vetted and approved adopters, but also ensures the health of all dogs before arrival to their new homes. Both the surrendering owners and receiving families have the peace of mind knowing that their canine companion is healthy and safe without having caused further overburdening of local shelters or rescues.

 The Canine Compassion Fund will provide the following services for all pups accepted into the program:

  • An Adoption Coordinator will conduct an interview, obtain a veterinarian reference, and perform a home check and post adoption check-ins.
  • Create a professional pet profile to include pictures.
  • A vet exam, heartworm test, and fecal test upon admission to the program.
  • All necessary vaccinations will be administered.
  • All unaltered dogs or puppies will be spayed or neutered.
  • All dogs will be provided with heartworm, flea and tick preventatives as needed.
  • Owner surrenders will be assigned a Foster Coordinator to answer all questions and help arrange appointments.

Requirements of surrendering owners:

  • Must complete an online program request form for approval to the program - Rehoming Application.
  • Must immediately sign over ownership of dog(s) to CCF.
  • Approved surrendering owners will continue to care for their dog(s) until CCF has matched the dog(s) with an approved CCF adopter. Food and supplies can be provided upon request.
  • Must release all veterinarian records to CCF.
  • Must make all efforts to transport dog to veterinarian appointments or inform Foster Coordinator within 48 hours of appointment of unavailability.
  • All dogs and puppies must be housed in an approved CCF manner. All adult dogs must have experience being in a home environment to be accepted into this program. For chained or outdoor free-roaming dogs, please seek our rescue services by sending an email to: Info@CanineCompassionFund.org.
  • For adult dogs, surrendering owners must speak directly with approved adopter to ensure a perfect fit with the new family.

Additional requirements for surrendering a litter of puppies:

  • CCF only accepts complete litters. Owners may not rehome any to friends or self.
  • Mother and father dogs (when available) must be spayed and neutered. CCF will cover the cost.

The Canine Compassion fund is committed to reducing animal overpopulation in Tuscaloosa county and surrounding areas through innovative programs like A New Home for Rover. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help support our efforts to improve our community, advocate for animal welfare, and save the lives of over 500 dogs annually. Our success depends on your generosity.